Twistlock Flippin' Hook


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Owner Twistlock Flippin' Hook

When you're flipping soft plastics into heavy cover, you need a hook that can handle a chunky bait and keep it rigged straight throughout the retrieve. Owner Twistlock Flippin' Hooks feature a unique bend near the eye that works with Owner's proprietary Centering Pin Spring, allowing you to secure your bait in perfect alignment with the hook shank. With a needle-sharp point and a durable, frictionless finish, Twistlock Flippin' Hooks penetrate with the slightest pressure. Known for their innovations in terminal tackle, Owner manufactures the Twistlock Flippin' Hook with their new Zo Wire, which, even with a smaller diameter, is stronger than normal high carbon steel wire. When you need a flipping hook you can have complete confidence in, tie on an Owner Twistlock Flippin' Hook!