Ultrahead Round Jig Head


Product Details

Owner Ultrahead Round Jig Head

Owner Ultrahead Round Jig Heads feature a strong, round bend hook that ends in a needle-sharp point. This versatile jig head can improve your rig in countless techniques—the larger sizes make excellent swimbait heads and the 1/16 oz size is ideal for the tiny grubs that panfish go after. The Ultrahead Round Jig Head has a 90-degree eye that's positioned to let you properly present tubes and finesse baits. The hook's black matte finish is corrosion-resistant, and a molded-in bait-keeper collar secures your soft plastics and helps keep them aligned with the hook shank during the retrieve. When you rig up your favorite tubes, worms, creature baits, lizards or other soft plastics, reach for a jig head of the highest quality, the Owner Ultrahead Round Jig Head!

Product Specs

3/0 Hook: 3/8oz and 1/4oz
2/0 Hook: 1/8oz