Pre-Rigged Neko Kit


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Perfection Lures Pre-Rigged Neko Kit

The Perfection Lures Pre-Rigged Neko Kit is the all in one pack to set any angler up with the increasingly popular Neko Rig set-up. Neko Rig fishing is a subtle fishing application that has recently taken the finesse bass scene by storm. Essentially you attach a weight into the end of a finesse plastic bait and then rig your hook similarly to how you rig a wacky-rigged plastic. Try rigging your hook on Neko Rigs either half-way to three-quarters of the way up your bait with the hook pointed away from your weight. This will help provide the most natural presentation while also increasing the hook up ratio. Typical Neko Rig applications will be in water between 6-16 feet of water.

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