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About This

Karl's Bait & Tackle Power Fishing Kit

Fishing is a numbers game so, getting a bait in front of as many fish as possible can yield positive results. Baits that cover water quickly while putting off fish provoking action can be qualified as Power Fishing baits. Think about it like this - larger baits that are most effective while retrieved at a high rate of speed is a simple way to think of power fishing.

Try power fishing shallow in murky water conditions, bass are known to hangout near shallower water in stained lakes which makes power fishing a great choice. Bass can’t see as well in stained water and will rely on their ability to sense vibration in order to find fish. Water displacement and ability to cause reaction strikes from shallow water fish are two reasons why Power Fishing baits are so popular. Plus, they’re just plain fun to fish with.

Power fishing in deep, clear water can also be deadly so don’t rule that out. Covering water and adapting to conditions quickly is the name of the game so use power fishing to help you dial in on the patterns. Once you establish a pattern with a power fishing technique, you can go back and fish slower moving baits and really clean up.

Burn square bills in the shallows and deflect them off cover without worrying about snagging into wood or rocks. When the crankbait bangs into solid cover, its square bill hits the cover first and causes the lure’s body and hooks to deflect away from the object. A strike usually occurs after the lure deflects off the cover and you let it sit for a couple of seconds before starting to reel again.

What's Inside

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Lucky Craft LC RTO

MSRP: $12.99

Much like it’s loudmouth brother, a silent square bill is highly effective power fishing technique. Silent crankbaits stand out in clear water when natural colors and sounds are usually the top performers. Don’t sleep on silent crankbaits when fishing a pressured lake or tough conditions getting your bait to look or sound different than everyone else's can result in extra bites.

Maxx Lure Square Bill

MSRP: $5.99

The loud, thumping rattle put off from the internal weights on the Maxx Lure crankbait help call in big bass as the squarebill rings like a dinner as it swims past hungry bass. Try this bait in stained and murky water, the rattling clacking noise will be evident throughout each retrieve.

Catch Co. Spinnerbait

MSRP: $5.99

Spinnerbaits are considered as one of the versatile bass baits of all time. They’ve caught fish in virtually every condition imaginable and are responsible for countless tournament wins. Banging a spinnerbait into wood cover or bumping it along a rocky bottom is a highly effective tactic for catching bass, especially in stained or murky water. Once your baits blade hits against cover, let it fall down for a couple of seconds and while watching for a twitch in your line. You’ll know if a bass has eaten your spinnerbait if you don’t feel the blades vibrating, this is known as ‘knocking slack into your line’ and it’s one of the most fun bites there it.

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