Smoke S3 Baitcasting Reel

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Quantum Smoke S3 Baitcasting Reel

Like a fine sports car, the Quantum Smoke S3 Casting Reel offers power and speed. The Oversized Spool Technology means you can get the fish to the boat or bank faster, and the Baitcast Drag System and zero friction design ensures you have the power to maneuver like you want. Complete with Saltguard Protection and Adjustable Centrifugal System.

Gear Ratio Mono Line Capacity (lbs./yards) Weight (oz) Bearings Max Drag (lbs.)
6.1:1 14/150 6.9 (2PTS+3PTAC+5PTBB)+1RB 25
7.3:1 14/150 6.9 (2PTS+3PTAC+5PTBB)+1RB 25
8.1:1 14/150 6.9 (2PTS+3PTAC+5PTBB)+1RB 25