Space Monkey


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Rage Tail Space Monkey

The Rage Tail Space Monkey is one of the most versatile soft plastic creature baits for bass on the market. It can be fished with many presentations at almost any time of the year. One of the secrets to the Space Monkey's amazing action is it's patented "flange" on the claws. The flange is a little lip that helps create more resistance against the water and produces a better action than other soft plastic creature baits.

The Space Monkey is impregnated with a coffee sent. This scent is not meant to keep you awake on the water, it actually helps mask human odors and helps bass hold on to the bait longer so you can get more hook sets.

We like to fish the Space Monkey with a Weighted Stroker Hook by Moaner Hooks (AKA the "Rage Rig"). Another great way to fish the Space Monkey is weightless with a Stroker Hook by Moaner Hooks. Make sure to keep your rod tip up and fish the bait on the top of the water. The claws flap and disturb the water in the same way a buzz bait does, leading to some monster topwater strikes!