Fisherman's Fillet Combo


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Rapala Fisherman's Fillet Combo

Make quick work of any filleting job with the Rapala Fisherman’s Fillet Combo. This combo pack contains a fillet knife, glove and fork. The 6” Falcon Fillet knife has a sharp stainless steel blade with a strong flexible tip, as well as a hard sheath with a built-in single-stage knife sharpener to keep your blade ready. The large Fillet Glove’s flexible steel strands make it exceptionally cut and slash resistant, while its seamless construction provide comfort, fit and dexterity. It has a no skid finish, is machine washable and can fit either hand. This kit also features a specially-designed Fillet Fork with stainless steel, a comfort grip and safety hand guard to prevent slips. Don't pass up this fillet combo kit from Rapala.

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