RipStop Jerkbait


Product Details

Rapala RipStop Jerkbait

With an entirely new movement style, the Rapala RipStop stands alone among jerkbaits. This bait can go from side to side, to a dead stop in no time at all. It can be retrieved steadily to produce a smooth yet elusive swimming style, or can be twitched and stopped at a variety of different speeds. The unique tail is designed to slow forward movement, giving it the ability to sit in the strike zone for long periods of time. With a dive at 3-5 feet, it will create strikes that other lures simply can’t. Use the Ripstop anywhere you would normally fish a jerkbait - especially in clear water and spring/fall/winter.


  • Two sizes, 3.5” and 4.75”
  • VMC black nickel hooks 
  • Secondary tail lip providing unique action

Gear Recommendations:

Reel: Baitcasting 6.3:1-7.3:1

Rod: Googan Twitch baitcasting rod

Line: 8-12lb Fluorocarbon line 


Product Specs

Diving Depth: 3 - 5'