Shadow Rap Deep Jerkbait


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Rapala Shadow Rap Deep Jerkbait

When you're twitching a jerk bait for suspended bass, you're on the right track, but, with most jerkbaits, every twitch moves the bait, and not just a little bit. Four or five twitches later, and your bait is feet away from the bass. The solution to the problem comes in a very pretty package, the Shadow Rap Deep from Rapala. This amazingly realistic looking bait is designed to stay in one place when you want it to. The bait's natural minnow swimming action works its magic on the way down to the strike zone. Then, when the Shadow Rap Deep is slowly sinking in front a lethargic bass, a quick snap of your rod tip will make it kick almost 180 degrees to one side, but stay in basically the same spot. For bass, that movement signals "Go time," and a visions attack follows. It's a Rapala, so you know this bait has state-of-the-art finishes, top-quality VMC hooks, and has been hand-tuned and tank-tested. When your goal is to attract finicky fish in 4 to 8 feet of water, the Shadow Rap Deep from Rapala should be your go-to bait.

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