X-Rap Deep Jerkbait


Product Details

Rapala X-Rap Deep Jerkbait

The Rapala X-Rap Deep is a finely tuned bait, designed to help you probe the depths for hungry bass. Its large bill allows you to get the bait down deep with just a few cranks. Once you’ve made contact with structure, you can employ a stop-and-go retrieve that will cause the bait to suspend, or crank slowly to achieve that classic Rapala “wobble” action. If it turns out the bottom dwellers are actively feeding, you can use an aggressive slash bait retrieve to trigger strikes. The internal holographic foil visually pops through the textured, translucent body to create a stunning, light reflective finish, while needle-sharp VMC black nickel hooks ensure a solid hookup every time.

Product Specs

Diving Depth: (3 1/8") 5 - 10'
Diving Depth: (4") 6 - 15'