X-Rap Jerkbait


Product Details

Rapala X-Rap Jerkbait

Aggressive bass want a fast-moving bait. It’s fun while it lasts but at some point, the action slows down, and your retrieve has to slow down too. If you’re throwing the Rapala X-Rap, there’s no need to change lures. The X-Rap is versatile—you can use an aggressive jerk-jerk-jerk retrieve when fish are chasing, then slow things down for that classic Rapala wounded-minnow action. And if you add a brief pause, the bait suspends; a proven technique for attracting moody fish! A textured, translucent body, internal holographic foil, and 3D holographic eyes give the X-Rap an unbelievably realistic appearance, while top-quality VMC black nickel hooks ensure solid hookups.

Product Specs

1 1/2" Diving Depth: 2 to 3'
2 1/2" Diving Depth: 3 to 5'
3 1/8" Diving Depth: 3 to 5'
4" Diving Depth: 4 to 6'
4 3/4" Diving Depth: 4 to 8'