Reaction Strike

Ranger Micro - Assorted Colors


Product Details

Reaction Strike Ranger Micro - Assorted Colors

The Ranger Micro Crank from Reaction Strike is a down-sized bait that's perfect for getting shallow bass to bite. A well-tuned, square billed crankbait, when drawn through the right piece of shallow cover at just the right time, is almost guaranteed to get results. Bass and panfish will lurk in just a few feet of water, near brush, and wait to ambush unsuspecting prey. The Ranger Micro Crank, at just 1 1/4″, is a size that predators can't resist. This crankbait dives 1-3 ft, and its squared-off bill helps it deflect away from cover with ease. The smaller frame of the Ranger Micro Crank is shaped to give it a unique action and an enticing profile in the water. Ultra-sharp Kitana hooks grab and hold on. Have one on hand—add a Ranger Micro Crank to your tacklebox.

Product Specs

Length: 1.25"
Color: Assorted