Bubbling Shaker


Product Details

Reins Bubbling Shaker

An incredibly soft and pliable plastic material makes up this long, ribbed body. Reins is a top of the line Japanese lure company, and their venture into the American market is being led by great products like this one. If you're getting getting bites, but aren't quite bringing them back to the boat, this bait is a great choice as their indented and infused bodies cause bass to hold on tight after their first nibble. The body shakes and bubbles from the plump head to the slender tail with every tiny twitch of the rod.

Product Specs

Rod: 6' 8" - 7’ 2" Light Action Spinning Rod
Reel: 5.1:1 Gear ratio Spinning Reel
Line: 6lb-8lb Fluorocarbon