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About This

River2Sea Biggie

Ish Monroe’s Biggie is a squarebill crankbait that’s anything but square. Designed to fish shallow depths from three to five feet and comes in two sizes, the 58mm Smalls and the 68mm Poppa. Biggie is also available in two different versions, a fast floating and rattling version called Bumpin' Rattle or the slow floating and silent version called Creepin'. Either way, it's ready for any battle!

If you are merely casting and winding your River2Sea Biggie squarebill crankbait, you are missing out on fish! Try these tips the next time you are chucking a squarebill -

1. The most important thing to remember when fishing a squarebill crankbait like the Rive2Sea Biggie is to ram that bait into as much “cover” as possible. Whether you are fishing near stumps, rocks, docks, laydowns, or something else, deflecting that crank off of a piece of cover causes it to dart erratically, which can result in massive strikes!

2. Sometimes you can create that erratic darting action without banging it into cover. By varying your retrieve, (reeling faster or slower or even working in a few twitches and pauses with your rod tip), you can impart an erratic action that mimics a dying baitfish or fleeing crawfish.

3. Anglers should try to maintain bottom contact as much as possible while retrieving a squarebill crankbait. The bottom causes the bait to deflect and move erratically. You will know you are making contact with the bottom when you feel your bait “grinding” its way back. This can also clue you in on the bottom composition – whether it is sandy, silty, or rocky.

4. A moderate action rod is ideal for casting and retrieving the River2Sea Biggie. You will have a better hookup rate with this type of rod because it allows the fish to inhale the bait further. Also, the deep bend in the rod blank allows anglers to set the hook and play fish without ripping the lure out of its mouth.

5. Experiment with both rattling and silent squarebills. If you have made one pass over your favorite fishing hole and the bite was off, try switching it up. Sometimes, bass become conditioned to one or the other, and this minor adjustment can make a major difference!

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