Mad Minnow Jerkbait


Product Details

SaltNative Mad Minnow Jerkbait

The Mad Minnow is a floating jerkbait that kicks out erratic darts and dashes. This action looks like a protein-packed minnow in distress – an easy meal for amped-up attackers. Grab this saltwater tubular tease today. Fish the Mad Minnow around any common baitfish ambushing zones in deeper structures – like bridges, surf on beaches, or deep docks. Work with short twitches, making sure to pause in between. The colder the water, the longer you should pause in between twitches – when those frosty fatties will be moving slower. Use a medium power rod to make long, bomb casts.

SaltNative Mad Minnow Features:

Realistic Baiftish Profile

Tuned And Tested To Ensure Optimal Performance

Sticky Sharp Hook Points

Fish Catching Color Patterns

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