Alien Eel V2


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Savage Gear Alien Eel V2

The Savage Gear Alien Eel V2 is a highly productive bait that perfectly imitates an adult eel. The uniquely designed ribbon tail moves with a slow kicking action while the alluring side fins flutter and vibrate to add even more enticing action. Big fish love to eat eels, and this bait is irresistible to them. Steel thru-wire construction ensures incredible strength and durability. You'll cover a lot of water with this long-casting bait, and you can adjust your retrieve speed to target different parts of the water column. Add the Alien Eel V2 from Savage Gear to your tackle box!

• A deadly eel bait that's perfect for casting or trolling in a variety of conditions

• Ribbon tail and side fins flutter enticingly to attract chasing predators

• Durable thru-wire construction and dangerously sharp treble hooks

• Hot color patterns that show up well in stained water