Macbeth Flat Crankbait


Product Details

Shimano Macbeth Flat Crankbait

The Macbeth Flat is a shallow-running flat-sided crankbait that employs Shimano's JET BOOST lure technology to defeat the typical unstable casting performance of flat-sided crankbaits. JET BOOST technology utilizes centrifugal force to stabilize the flight posture of the Macbeth Flat and improve casting distance and accuracy without sacrificing swimming action. The Macbeth Flat features a Circuit Board round bill to produce a tight rolling action with a subtle body flick and a 3 to 5 feet diving depth. The Macbeth Flat slowly floats, allowing it to remain longer in the strike zone when fishing cold water or pressured fish.

Product Specs

Length: 2 1/4"
Weight: 3/8 oz
Diving Depth: 3'-5'