Baby Rage Craw 3"


Product Details

Strike King Baby Rage Craw 3"

The Strike King Baby Rage Craw is the son of everyone’s favorite flippin’ and pitchin’ craw: The Rage Craw. This lil’ baby bait if great as a jig trailer, and the has potential to be fished Texas rigged for a smaller weedless presentation, or dragged along the bottom on a Carolina rig. If you’re really feeling crazy, the Baby Rage Craw also makes for an awesome dropshot bait. Rigged to stand the claws straight up, you can hop your dropshot weight off the bottom while the Baby Rage Craw surrenders time and time again to the big bass you are targeting. Made with Strike King’s signature high grade plastic, you won’t have to worry about it lasting you through a ton of catches!

Product Specs

Length: 3"
Pack Size: 9 pack