Rage Craw


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Strike King Rage Craw

The Rage Craw from Strike King is a fantastic crawfish imitation that attracts largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and a variety of other gamefish species. You can fish it on its own, with or without weight, or use it as a trailer on your favorite jig head. The unique body shape is achieved through the use of high-grade plastic and a precision pouring process, with the bulkiness of the midsection enabling easy rigging. The Rage Craw sports two antenna and two large claws that flutter on the fall and then keep moving after bait is at rest. When you thread this durable, 4" craw onto a jig or Texas-rig and flip it into heavy cover, get ready for action. If you're in the market for a craw bait that looks great to fish and works perfectly with multiple rigging techniques, look no further, the Strike King Rage Craw is the bait for you.