Terminal Tackle Kit 2.0


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Karl's Bait & Tackle Terminal Tackle Kit 2.0

Karl's Terminal Kit 2.0 is an all-in-one bundle that includes everything you need to put together your favorite bass fishing set-ups and rigs. From Texas or Ned rigging to swimbait fishing, having the right piece of terminal tackle is essential in completing your rigs. Stock up on terminal tackle essentials at a discounted price! MSRP Value: $37.22

Karl's Terminal Kit 2.0 Includes:

4pack - Owner All Purpose Softbait Hook (Size: 3/0)

3pack - Woo! Tungsten Flippin' Weights - Green Pumpkin (Size: 1/4oz)

18pack - Woo! Tungsten Bobber Stops

3pack - Owner Block Head Jig Head - Green Pumpkin (Size: 3/16oz, 1/0)

4pack - Z-Man Weedless Pro ShroomZ - Black (Size: 1/10oz)

3pack - Owner Twistlock Light Weighted Swimbait Hook (Size: 3/32oz, 4/0)

3pack - Owner Shaky Ultrahead - Lead (Size: 3/16oz, 4/0)