Outfitters Can Cooler 12oz


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Toadfish Outfitters Can Cooler 12oz

The Toadfish Outfitters Can Cooler is all about fun and hydration on the go. It keeps your canned beverage cold and makes it un-spillable, thanks to clever SmartGrip technology that allows the Can Cooler to stick to any smooth surface. Those built-in cup holders in your boat, kayak, beach chair, etc., are great, but they're stationary. The Can Cooler moves with you, and your cold beverage comes along for the ride! Find a smooth surface, set your drink down, and you're good to go—no spilling, just cold refreshment. This model is made for standard 12 oz cans. Grab a Toadfish Outfitters Can Cooler today!

• Unique, non-tipping Can Cooler—SmartGrip technology FTW!
• Keeps your drink upright and cold
• The un-spillable beverage cooler of your dreams
• Sticks to any smooth surface

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