Fluorocarbon Ice Line


Product Details

TrikFish Fluorocarbon Ice Line

TrikFish Fluorocarbon Ice Line is the ultimate line for stealth fishing in frigid temperatures. A cold environment can cause fishing line to become stiff, but with TrikFish Fluorocarbon Ice Line, you'll notice a soft, flexible feel at any temperature, with drastically reduced line memory. This line is nearly invisible underwater and tough enough to handle any challenge. Ice fishing calls for specialized line—grab a spool of the industry's best fluorocarbon ice fishing line from Trik Fish.

• An abrasion-resistant, low-vis line that's made for ice fishing
• Designed to minimize line memory and stay flexible
• Fluorocarbon is virtually invisible underwater
• Limber and easy to work with, even at sub-zero temperatures

Product Specs

Length: 100 yards