Fluorocarbon Line


Product Details

TrikFish Fluorocarbon Line

TrikFish Fluorocarbon Line is a premium line that will help maximize your angling performance in several ways. For one thing, this 100% fluorocarbon line is remarkably abrasion resistant, so when fish are buried in dense cover, you can target them with confidence. This strong line has near-zero stretch and it's practically invisible underwater. It's as easy to work with as mono and is great for spinning and casting reels of any size. Re-spool your favorite rig with this high-quality fluoro line today!

• Strong, supple fluorocarbon line with amazing knot strength
• Low stretch creates incredible sensitivity and allows brutal hooksets
• Tough, and stealthy—ideal for presentation in super thick cover
• Low memory, flexible, and as easy to manage as mono

Product Specs

Length: 200 yards