Mono Ice Line


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TrikFish Mono Ice Line

A super cold environment can greatly reduce flexibility—just ask some of your older fishing buddies! That applies to fishing line too. It can become stiff in frigid temperatures. If you're ice fishing, instead of regular mono, you should be using Mono Ice Line from Trik Fish. The major difference you'll notice is its drastically reduced line memory. On a cold day, regular mono may explode off your spinning reel, releasing coiled-up tension caused by line memory. But Trik Fish Mono Ice Line is designed, manufactured, and treated to minimize line memory and stay flexible. You get a tough mono line that's limber and easy to work with, even when temps drop below zero. Fishing through the ice calls for line that was created specifically for that purpose. Pick up a spool of the industry's best ice fishing line, Mono Ice Line from Trik Fish.

Product Specs

Length: 100 yards