Vexan Phat Boy PB-4 - Assorted Colors


Product Details

Vexan Phat Boy PB-4 - Assorted Colors

The Vexan Phat Boy is the medium-diving version of Vexan’s line of crankbaits. When bass are between 6 and 8 feet deep, this is the bait for you. The internal rattle, aptly named the DEEP THUD, has a thunderous rattle to drive bass insane in the toughest conditions, in all times of the year. The unique sound fires off for great distances underwater, shaking the column and triggering bass’ lateral lines. Get this bait to bounce off of anything you can, the deflections lead to more of a wounded baitfish look. And don’t worry, the tough body with internal wire construction can stand up to a beating!

Product Specs

Length: 2.4"
Weight: 1/2 oz
Color: Assorted