Spot-On Twin Turbo - Assorted Colors


Product Details

Westin Spot-On Twin Turbo - Assorted Colors

This powerful topwater bait has a unique patented design that makes it irresistible to surface-feeding predators. The wide profile and life-like fish-patterned body, paired with realistic eyes, makes this a hard target for bass, snook, perch, redfish and sea bass to resist. The wide head creates a wake on the surface, whilst the twin propellers move independently of each other, one running clockwise, the other counterclockwise, to create unique fish-attracting sound. Combined with the low-frequency internal sound chamber, the Spot-On Twin Turbo announces its presence like no other lure. Super easy to fish, it pops whatever speed you retrieve. Because the twin propeller blades turn in opposing directions the lure keeps its stability, no matter how fast or slow you retrieve it. The super tough semi-soft propellers fold flat against the body when casting, creating less resistance, giving longer and more accurate casts. Then, when a fish bites down, the propellers fold giving better hook-ups. Pause the retrieve and the Spot-On Twin Turbo sits tail-down, the ultra-sharp hooks at the ready for any predator that strikes. The design of the Spot-On Twin Turbo is so unique that it is protected by a Worldwide Design Patent.

Product Specs

Size: 3 1/2"
Weight: 11/16 oz
Style: Floating