Adrenaline Craw


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X Zone Lures Adrenaline Craw

The X Zone Lures Adrenaline Craw is a new soft plastic bait with an enticing crawfish profile and a lively action that triggers strikes. The fat ribbed body is edged with wiggly legs and the oversized claws float, creating an aggressive, pinchers-up stance. You've got numerous rigging options—use this bait as a jig trailer, Texas rig it with a wide-gap worm hook, or thread it on a weighted swimbait hook. To fool predators with a convincing craw imitation, try the Adrenaline Craw from X Zone Lures!

• A versatile craw bait that has the look of live prey
• Broad, flappy claws float to create an aggressive appearance
• Chunky body allows for easy weedless rigging
• Nature-inspired colors that attract predators