Pro Series Adrenaline Bug


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X Zone Lures Pro Series Adrenaline Bug

The Pro Series Adrenaline Bug from X-Zone Lures is an innovative creature bait that displaces a ton of water and sinks like a stone, making it perfect for flipping and pitching scenarios. Poured with precision, the claws of this scent-infused bait have less salt than the body section, which means the claws float when the bait is resting. That pinchers-up stance is an aggressive profile that bass recognize, and they respond with their own form of aggression—devouring their prey. Thread this bait onto a 4/0 hook and choose a weight that suits the conditions; if you're punching through very thick vegetation, don't hesitate to size up to a 1 oz. weight or heavier! The Adrenaline Bug measures 4", come in 8-packs, and is available in a wide range of time-tested color patterns. Pick up a pack of one of the most versatile creature baits on the market, X-Zone Lures' Pro Series Adrenaline Bug!