Hardcore Shad 60SF


Product Details

Yo-Zuri Hardcore Shad 60SF

The Yo-Zuri Hardcore Shad 60SF is a slow floating shad body crank bait that has a tight wiggle action deadly in fall, winter and early spring conditions. Constructed from exceptional components and crafted with outstanding attention-to-detail, Hardcore is committed to providing anglers with the most effective and life-like lures possible and this new addition is no exception.

The Hardcore Shad 60SF features a Magnetic Weight Transfer System which improves casting distance and accuracy by transferring a weight to the tail during the casting motion, which results in long, accurate casts up to 30% farther than the top competition. Upon landing, the weights shift to the front of the lure and are locked in place by a magnetic, providing a well-balanced diving action. This bait reaches a depth range of 4-5ft and is an exceptional choice for targeting largemouth, smallmouth, spotted bass, trout and walleye.