HD Pink Disappearing Flourocarbon Leader Line


Product Details

Yo-Zuri HD Pink Disappearing Flourocarbon Leader Line

Yo-Zuri HD Pink Disappearing Fluorocarbon Leader Line is the toughest, stealthiest leader material you'll find. It's 100% fluorocarbon, so practically invisible underwater. Why pink? Although minor nicks or scrapes don't significantly impact this line's breaking strength, those small abrasions show up in sunlight, causing some line to stand out instead of remaining invisible. The pink color takes care of that problem, masking minor flaws and greatly enhancing your leader's invisibility. You get unparalleled strength, near-zero stretch, invisibility underwater, and it's as easy to work with as mono—add this premium fluoro leader line to your tackle box today!

• Strong, supple 100% fluorocarbon line with amazing knot strength
• Low stretch for incredible sensitivity and brutal hooksets
• Pink color enhanced invisibility by masking nicks and scrapes
• Low memory, flexible, and as easy to manage as mono

Product Specs

Length: 30 yards