Christie Critter


Product Details

YUM Christie Critter

Jason Christie, a professional angler, worked with YUM Baits to design a creature bait that would be as effective for flipping and pitching as it is for casting on a Texas- or Carolina-rig. The result was the Christie Critter, one of the most versatile creatures baits ever created. Its numerous appendages flap and flutter on the fall. The swimming arms near the head of the bait are attached in two places—you can disconnect them near the back of the bait to customize the swimming action. The body is made to accommodate a heavy gauge hook and the rounded head fits perfectly in the cone of a bullet weight. The Christie Critter is, of course, packed with YUM’s proprietary scent. If you want a creature bait that you can use in shallow brush and then drag over a deep-water hump without missing a beat, grab the Christie Critter today!