Yumbrella 3 Wire Rig Kit - Tennessee Shad


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Yum Yumbrella 3 Wire Rig Kit - Tennessee Shad

The Yumbrella 3 Wire Rig Kit includes everything you need to create an irresistible, multi-bait target for chasing predators. The rig centers around a lifelike, contoured head and three stainless-steel wire arms that have been heat-treated to deliver remarkable strength and flexibility. Premium snaps and swivels create a solid attachment point for the included 1/8-oz. roundhead jigs and Tennessee Shad YUM Mud Minnows. This is the ultimate way to trigger strikes from suspended bass, stripers, and other gamefish—add this rig to your tackle collection today!

• Heat-treated stainless steel wires provide superior strength and flexibility

• Innovative design enables long casting and incredible action

• Tennessee Shad baits and color-matched jigheads with needle-sharp hooks

• Sleek head with large 3D eyes and a baitfish finish