Chatterbait Freedom CFL


Product Details

Z-Man Chatterbait Freedom CFL

There are plenty of baits that offer flash and vibration, but many can be limiting when it comes to target depth. The Chatterbait Freedom CFL from Z-Man lets you cover any part of the water column you want. The folks at Freedom Tackle and Z-Man teamed up to create an amazing chatterbait, with Z-Man contributing the stainless steel ChatterBlade that has proven itself on other popular chatterbaits. The design contribution from Freedom Tackle is no less significant—the unique football-shaped head. It stands the heavy-duty VMC flipping hook straight up when the bait's on the bottom, and in motion, the head adds a wobbling vibration, with a fish attracting click every time the blade and head touch. Freedom Tackle also provided their patented hook release system that not only makes it easy to swap out hooks but also lets the hook swing freely, adding movement to your trailer and improving your hookups. The Z-Man Chatterbait Freedom CFL is state-of-the-art in vibrating jig design—add one to your tackle box today!