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Z-Man Doormatadorz

The Z-Man Doormatadorz is an inshore wonder, perfect for targeting speckled trout, redfish, flounder, and countless other species. Its fat grub profile entices, with a long, curly tail that flutters on the fall and pulses wildly at speed. Create a deadly tandem rig for light surf, use a swim jig to burn this bait next to a weed line, or thread one of these beauties on a heavy jig and bottom-bounce the deepest channel in the sound. The specialized ElaZtech plastic floats and is tough enough to handle abuse from saltwater predators' razor-sharp teeth. Select a size and color to match your local baitfish and add the Z-Man Doormatadorz to your saltwater tackle box.

• A fat-bodied grub with a wild tail that fish can't resist
• Durable plastic floats off the bottom so you can effectively target the strike zone
• Wide selection of high-vis colors, all designed to attract inshore species
• Infused with 100-percent natural fish-based scent