Finesse TRD


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Z-Man Finesse TRD

Midwestern finesse fishing has expanded to all parts of the country, thanks to Ned Kehde's now-famous “Ned rig.” It's one of the most effective techniques ever created for convincing finicky bass to bite. The Finesse TRD from Z-Man is a bait that's specifically designed for use with a Ned rig. This chunky bait is perfectly shaped, with a dimpled texture, and its sized right too. At 2 3/4", this tiny stickbait profile is what you've been shooting for every time you slice up a perfectly good stick worm for Ned rigging. Z-Man's ElaZtech formula is infused with salt, which gives this bait the perfect sink rate and a natural feel that finesse fishermen (and the fish they're targeting) love. TRD stands for The Real Deal—grab a pack today.