Football Nedz


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Z-Man Football Nedz

The Z-Man Football Nedz jig head starts with a time-tested jig style and adds some sweet improvements. This head shape has been helping anglers catch fish in deep water for decades, creating a side-to-side wobble that emulates the movement of live prey foraging on the bottom. A weight-forward design keeps the hook upright during your retrieve, minimizing hang-ups and improving hooksets. With a choice of three sizes and two colors, you can match the look of any aquatic prey. Add this high-performance, bottom-bouncing jig head to your tackle box!

• Oblong football jig head dances over rocky bottoms to trigger strikes
• Custom, medium wire 1/0 black nickel hook—strong and needle-sharp
• Welded wire keeper locks your bait in place
• Select from three sizes and two color finishes

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