NedlockZ EWG Jig Heads


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Z-Man NedlockZ EWG Jig Heads

NedlockZ EWG Jig Heads from Z-Man are must-have tackle for Ned-rig enthusiasts who fish near submerged cover. Just below the mushroom-shaped head that characterizes a classic Ned-rig jig, an aggressive bend in the hook shank creates a secure spot for the head of your soft plastic bait, aided by a molded keeper. This jig head's offset design and extra-wide gap make it easier for you to rig up weedless and keep you bait perfectly straight. Built around a premium #1 VMC hook, the NedlockZ EWG Jig Head is ideally suited for the short, chunky baits used in Ned-rigging. A recessed eye protects your knot and sets up the right trajectory for your hookset. Pick up a package of Z-Man NedlockZ EWG Jig Heads!