Redfish Eye Jigheads


Product Details

Z-Man Redfish Eye Jigheads

Z-Man Redfish Eye Jigheads are designed to address the fact that, for inshore fishing, a bait with a large eye is better. Redfish Eye Jigheads have a huge eye, and to achieve a balanced look, Z-Man uses a beefy 4/0 Mustad UltraPoint hook. There are three jigs per pack, and you can pick from two different colors. 

  • Balanced to give your bait a realistic swimming motion

  • Massive 3D eyes that attract fish and trigger strikes

  • Strong forged hook can handle huge fish

  • Needle-sharp point enables instant penetration when a fish strikes

  • Sharp keeper spikes to hold your bait in place

  • 30-degree bend near the hook eye helps reduce snagging