Rigged EZ ShrimpZ


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Z-Man Rigged EZ ShrimpZ

The Z-Man Rigged EZ Shrimp is a realistic soft plastic shrimp bait that fools countless saltwater gamefish species. Pre-rigged and ready to fish, its lively action imitates the look and movement of live prey. It has a lifelike head and short legs that twitch with the slightest movement. The segmented body and tail make this bait kick just like a real shrimp. Buoyant ElaZtech plastic helps you create an enticing, off-the-bottom presentation that fish can't ignore. When the fight is on, this bait's strong 2/0 Mustad hook takes care of business. You get two baits per pack. Add this lifelike, pre-rigged shrimp lure to your tackle box today!

• An incredibly lifelike, pre-rigged shrimp bait—ready to fish!
• Hinged body and tail segments create a realistic imitation of shrimp movement
• Perfectly balanced to fall straight and sit upright on the bottom
• 1/4 oz weight; adjustable to 1/8 oz by removing the notched section

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