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Z-Man TRD CrawZ

If you told a non-fisherman that you like to "Ned rig a craw," they may look at you funny. But, anyone who's into fishing knows about the Midwestern finesse fishing technique called Ned-rigging. It's an extremely effective way to get stubborn, pressured bass to bite. The TRD CrawZ from Z-Man are a compact craw-style bait that's ideal for use with a Ned rig. This realistic crayfish imitation can also be used as a jig trailer, or, you could throw it in saltwater as a crab imitation. Whether you want a smaller craw bait to flip into dense cover or you need a subtler offering to convince suspended bass to hit your Ned rig, this 2 1/2" crawfish imitation is the answer. Add a pack of Z-Man's TRD CrawZ to your tackle box today!