Turbo FattyZ


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Z-Man Turbo FattyZ

The Z-Man Turbo FattyZ is a revolutionary swimming worm that has it all—substantial bulk that appeals to hungry fish, the heft to cast like a rocket, and an innovative, hybrid kick-tail design. The active tail spins and throws water on the surface, thumps enticingly on a slower retrieve, and flutters as the bait drops to the bottom. With a weighted or unweighted hook, you can fish this bait on the surface, near grass, and it's also great for Texas- or Carolina-rigs. The thick profile and wild tail movement make a tempting target anywhere in the water column. Get this premium swimming worm today!

• An irresistibly chunky worm that casts a mile and has incredible swimming action
• Unique tail is designed to spin wildly on top and slowly flutter on the fall
• Great for any worm rig, or trim it down to create an incredible jig trailer
• Select from a range of classic color patterns