Baby Brush Hog 4"


Product Details

Zoom Baby Brush Hog 4"

A perfect pond bait! When it’s time to catch a big boy but the bite seems to be a bit finicky, tie on the Baby Brush Hog from Zoom. The beefy body is just as impactful as it’s parent, but without the extra couple inches that may scare off a fish from biting. The perfectly sized body is a nice little treat for hungry bass, so you can pitch it into cover and see a BIG reaction from bass just looking for an easy creature to snack on!


  • Reel: Baitcasting 6.6:1-8.1:1 or Spinning 2000 - 3000
  • Rod: 6'6''-7'3'' Medium - Medium Heavy Power, Fast Action
  • Line: 8-15lb Fluorocarbon or 30lb Braided

Product Specs

Length: 4"
Pack Size: 12 pack