Trick Worm


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Zoom Trick Worm

The floating Zoom Trick Worm is one of the most widely used and highly versatile soft-plastic finesse baits available on the market today. The slender profile is coupled with a soft plastic body which completely floats. When you combine these three key attributes you have one heck of a soft plastic bait that is ready to help bring in the big ones. The Zoom Trick worm works well on a light Texas or Carolina Rig or on the back of a shakey head. You can also drop shot your Trick Worm through the nose or wacky style for a more unique presentation. There are times when fish are turned off by big, bulky, or fast-moving lures and this is the exact time you want to pull out the Zoom Trick worms. The Zoom Trick Worm is one of those baits that will catch em when others simply will not.