Karl's PreSpawn Pack

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About This

Karl's PreSpawn Pack

Gear up for BIG bass season with Karl's Prespawn Pack! The prespawn is not only an excellent time to catch numbers of bass, but it's also one of the best times of year to catch a new personal best! This pack comes with all the tools needed to fish confidently and effectively throughout the prespawn season.

MSRP: $46.93

Googan Squad Jr. Scout - The Googan Squad Jr. Scout is a 3.5-inch hard-bodied jerkbait that looks and swims like a small baitfish. Tie this bad dude on whenever bass are feeding on smaller minnows or shad. The small profile and tasty colorways help this bait get bites. As temperatures begin to rise, tie on a jerkbait, and start targeting roaming prespawn bass. The unique slashing action can be imparted with minimal effort from the angler, which makes this a lure you can cast all day long.

Booyah Hard Knocker - The Booyah Hard Knocker has a rattle that's loaded with multiple balls that produces the sound of a school of fleeing baitfish. This sound, combined with the ultra-natural and realistic shape, scale design, and 3D eyes, makes this a killer choice for producing big bites. A lipless crankbait will help you catch fish during all stages of the spawn. For prespawn bass, target deep water haunts like points and inside swings. If that doesn't work, push up shallow and rip your bait through grass flats near spawning grounds.

10,000 Fish Death Stalker - The 10,000 Fish Death Stalker is a stellar bait choice for picking off fish in the early stages of the spawn. Main lake points, rock bars, and other offshore structures serve as staging areas for big bass before they get ready to spawn. Water temperatures are still relatively cool at this time, which requires presentations to be more subtle. The ability to fish a blade bait in deep water quickly and effectively make it a natural choice for smallmouth and largemouth anglers across the country.

Z-Man Spinnerbait Slingbladez - Spinnerbaits are a versatile prespawn option that works well around grass, timber, brush, and pretty much any other prespawn hangout. Covering water with a bait that pushes water and puts off vibration is important in stained or muddy water. Burn your blades high in the water column to trigger active fish or slowly roll the Slingbladez near the bottom on slower days.

Z-Man Chatterbait Freedom - The Chatterbait Freedom from Z-Man lets you cover any part of the water column you want while presenting a bait with a tight swimming action. Freedom Tackle provides its patented hook release system that not only makes it easy to swap out hooks but also lets the hook swing freely, adding movement to your trailer and improving your hookups. Fish your Z-Man Chatterbait around shallow grass or cover, especially in the back of coves.

Karl's Amazing Baits Chunk - The Karls Amazing Baits Chunk is a soft plastic jig trailer that matches with the finesse jig included in this pack. The two appendages provide a crawfish profile while maintaining a modest look. Rig your chunk to the back of your jig and target hardcover and shallow water during the prespawn.

Googan Squad Lil Juicee Jig - The compact profile of the Lil' Juicee Jig won't spook skittish bass, whether you're pitching it into dense wood cover, bouncing it across a rocky bottom, or slipping it through thick vegetation. That's the power of a finesses jig, and there's no better available than the Lil' Juicee Jig. It's coated with a tight finish in a range of time-tested color patterns, has color-matched, 100% silicone skirts, and comes equipped with a strong, dangerously sharp hook.

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