Riot Baits Baton

Riot Baits Baton

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About This

Riot Baits Baton

As the crew over at Riot Baits say, “Don’t wait for a bite, incite a riot!” The Riot Baits Baton is a strategically lumpy stickbait, designed to be fished on a wacky rig. The lumps are placed in places they will add tons of movement and intrigue. These undulations in the body add to the action on the fall by dispersing water at a rate most fish just haven’t seen before. These variances in displacement, paired with the added salt to the soft plastic body, combine for a tasty little snack you should toss onto a wacky hook!

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On: 3/15/2019

love them

fished with these at the river the day i got these and the bass loved them!!!!!!!!



On: 2/16/2019

Works As A Trailer Too

I had planned to Texas Rig this bait but tried it as a trailer on a Jig. The bottom was very mossy so I started swimming it. I could feel the wobble of the Baton as it swam and Boom! Fish On! I caught fish at 3 different lakes in the same week with the same set up. Diggin’ It!



On: 2/10/2019

Amazing for Neko and Wacky rigging

So i got this bait in my MTB this month. It was the first thing i pulled out and i thought it was kind of wierd. However, when i got deeper, i had a neko terminal set. I had never fished this rig before, but eager to try it out, i grabbed a wood screw and headed to my local pond on a warm winter weekend. Even though the water was cold, this bait was slaying the fish! 10/10 would recommend. Also, i got to thinking and i think this bait might work good with a shakey head, however i have yet to test my theory. (Probably will during the spawn)



On: 2/1/2019

Amazing wacky rig

These things really move on a wacky rig. I especially like it on a 1/16 wacky jig head!