River2Sea Whopper Plopper 110

River2Sea Whopper Plopper 110

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About This

River2Sea Whopper Plopper 110

Highly regarded as one of the deadliest lures on the water today, the River2Sea Whopper Plopper is a total game changer. This innovative new lure is a deadly topwater that creates a buzzing sound on a simple, straightforward retrieve with a spinning propeller of a rear end. Fish can't help but strike when it passes over them, and the extra strength hooks cover the majority of the strike zone, enabling you to grab hold of any lunker than comes chomping at your line.

For more tips on how to fish the Whopper Plopper, see our blog post!


  • Reel: Baitcasting 6.4:1
  • Rod: 7'3"-7'11" Heavy, Fast Action
  • Line:  40-55lb Braided

Product Specs

Length: 4-3/8"
Weight: 1oz
Class: Topwater
Pack Size: 1 pack
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11 reviews | 5 out of 5

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On: 10/7/2018

Best Topwater

This is my favorite lure and the best topwater on the market in my opinion. I’ve caught more big bass on this lure than any other. It can be fished in all types of water with varying retrieve styles, but a steady retrieve is typically the best. It has super sharp hooks that don’t let fish get away. I have never lost a bass with this, and I have thrown it nearly ever trip out for the last 3 years. That being said, I recommend a net for big fish because you do not want those hooks sticking you.



On: 9/16/2018


Second cast and hooked up a monster 10-11 pounder off the bank. No bs definitely a great product.



On: 8/23/2018

T1000 color whopper plopper 110

Got this bait in my MTB snd took it on a urban lake and it crushed 6 bass in under 2 hours. Its hook up ratio is great and it is a good size. my biggest was 3 lbs. Good bait overall.



On: 8/9/2018

Just got it and works great

Tried it out today in a shallow creek and got tons of bites. Usually dont do reviews but was honestly surprised.



On: 7/26/2018

Best top water lure around

I have caught more 5+lb bass on this lure than any I've ever used before. Tie it on some braid and enjoy the blowups! Very addictive!!!



On: 7/20/2018


Nothin better



On: 7/14/2018


The vest top water lure of all time bass love it and so do some big perch



On: 7/2/2018

It will catch ANYTHING

This bait is the always the top performer. I've caught Bass from every type of water + Northern snakehead + 1 baby alligator (broke my rod, but got my Whopper Plopper back!).



On: 6/30/2018

Heart stopping

One of the best top water baits around. So versatile for smooth retrieve, jerk, rip, whatever your conditions warrant. When a big bass hits it is all action. Just a great rush.



On: 6/26/2018

Great Lure

Drives fish absolutely crazy! They cant stand that sound on the water. I just lost mine to a 4+lb largemouth. Im gonna buy about 3 or 4 to have just incase i loose another one. Only down part is if it hits and algae then it messes the swim pattern up. Highly recommend this bait!



On: 6/24/2018

Great Fun

Fishing for pike with this top water is incredibly fun. Nothing quite makes your heart jump like a top water bite.
The sputtering tail drives fish nuts.