Soft Plastic Slam Box

Soft Plastic Slam Box

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About This

Soft Plastic Slam Box

Unless you’re going to start fishing with your Aunt Bethany’s Jello Mold, you’re going to need some soft plastics to get you through the holiday season, and we’ve got you covered!

Out of the gate we’re setting you up with a sturdy grub for fishing slightly deeper water. Expect lots of wiggling movement and a textured and beefy, yet balanced body. These grubs change color with changes in the water temperature to help you catch more fish, and this glow version is ideal for deeper water or night time presentations. Predators are triggered to attack when they see the changing colors and mini-flashes of glow.

This next soft plastic is in a category all of its own. A true multi-species bait, it’s adaptable, unpredictable action is irresistible to all sorts of gamefish in both fresh and saltwater. This bait wiggles and move with the slightest touch or twitch of the rod, and seems to have a special, almost uncanny way to get big fish out of structure to gobble it up.

Measuring in at a whopping 4.75 inches of fishing catching magic, this worm is sure to outfish the competition. The ribbed body of this finesse worm gives it a unique action underwater that the fish are not used to seeing. The flaps on the ribbed body give the bait a slow gliding action that performs wonderfully while rigged behind a Texas or Carolina rig. If you like catching a lot of big fish you'd be silly not to have these loaded up in your tackle box the next time you're at the lake.

This next plastic was carefully produced over two years in which it endured countless field tests to ensure its fish catching capabilities. In order to give anglers the greatest advantage on the water, the research and design team worked countless hours to perfect the proper consistency of plastic to give off the most realistic motion in the water. This shad plastic embodies everything an angler wants when the bite gets tough and you need to employ a secret weapon to catch finicky fish. It can also be used with a variety of other applications such as a drop shot rig, a spinnerbait trailer, neko rigged, texas rigged, and countless others.

Poured with salt, the body of this swimbait can stand up to fish after fish. Built with a tapered tail to amp up the kicking action, this bait is perfect as a trailer. While you’ll still get bites fishing it solo on a swimbait hook, we suggest pairing it up with something flashy for a mouthwatering presentation. Add it to a spinnerbait, chatterbait, jig, or on an underspin, and you’ll get a workout from all the fish you’ll have to take off the line - which is good since you ate all that turkey and stuffing!

Last up is a twin tail grub that combines two unique tails with patented flanges that move water like no other. This bait has crazy tail action even with a slow fall or retrieve speed and is great for flipping, pitching or even use it as a jig trailer for awesome results!

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