Sufix InvisiLine Casting Fluorocarbon

By: Sufix

Sufix InvisiLine Casting Fluorocarbon

By: Sufix
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About This

Sufix InvisiLine Casting Fluorocarbon

When fish are holed up in heavy cover, your bait has to penetrate that cover, which means a lot of contact between the line and hard objects like trees and rocks. InvisiLine Casting Fluorocarbon from Sufix can handle it! It’s incredibly strong, abrasion resistant, and sensitive, with a low-stretch index that enables brutal hook sets. Plus, it’s made from 100% fluorocarbon, so it’s invisible under water. InvisiLine Casting Fluorocarbon casts as smoothly as mono, but sinks much faster, and sink-rate matters when you want the ideal presentation in heavy cover. It performs great on casting reels, and Sufix’s G² Precision Winding, which practically wipes out line memory, makes this line perfect for spinning reels. If you want to get your bait into heavy cover fast and haul out giant bass with confidence, pick up a spool of InvisiLine Casting Fluorocarbon today!

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