Z-Man Original Chatterbait

By: Z-Man

Z-Man Original Chatterbait

By: Z-Man
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About This

Z-Man Original Chatterbait

The Chatterbait is a truly innovative classic. The bladed head welded into the top creates a crazy distraction no other jig can boast. Throw it in muddy water to get the attention of any bass nearby. Trail it with a swimbait or small craw while you swim it, and the extra strength hook will both hold your trailer in place and set right in the cheek of any suspicious predator.


  • Reel: Baitcasting 6.1:1-7.5:1 or Spinning 2500 - 3000
  • Rod: 6'6''-7'3'' Medium Heavy Power, Moderate Fast - Fast Action
  • Line: 10-20lb Fluorocarbon or 30lb Braided

Product Specs

Weight: 3/8oz ; 1/2oz
Pack Size: 1 pack
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7 reviews | 4.7 out of 5

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On: 3/11/2019

Great for lakes u dont know yet.

I tend to throw chatterbaits and knock around just to get a feel of where the fish are. I have the yellow version of this and its the chatterbait ive been most succesful on. The quality is great, and certaiy feels great on the end of my line!



On: 2/10/2019

Catches big bass

I got this bait in my MTB pro box, and I caught a 8lb 130z bass while slow rolling thru grass.



On: 11/14/2018

Great bait

Odd color but should be great



On: 11/11/2018

awsome Lure

always catches fish use with or without a trailer.



On: 11/9/2018

good bait

the bait has a good action and with my box i got biospawn vilebugs and used them as the trailer



On: 9/5/2018

Great and easy to fish

Getting a good amount of bites with it in the early morning till noon



On: 7/27/2018

Cater bait

Caught 10 bass in 20 minutes with this bait.