Reviews & Testimonials

Customer Testimonials and Reviews:

Mystery Tackle Box takes fishing seriously. We work hard to create a quality service that delivers great value and excitement to all of our subscribers. We receive emails every day from our subscribers thanking us and telling us how much they like our service. Here are some of the testimonials we have received:

"I LOVE Mystery Tackle Box.  I only fish recreationally and am always overwhelmed by the selection of tackle at the stores.  MTB allowed me fill my tackle box with a variety of lures and items I can use... Thank you for making such an amazing product available!"

- Matt O.


"I just got my 2nd box, I gotten some very nice stuff. I subbed for 3 months initially, that will change to a year sub today. That is how much I like what I have recived."

- Raty


 "Great box ! Shipped in a timely fashion and contain great products. Packaging was very nice and was pleased to see a sticker included. Money well spent and it is a great service for anglers to try out proven baits that we not otherwise go out and purchase. Great JOB MTB…"

- B. Williams


"There’s nothing else like it out there. I enjoyed my first box this month, and I recommend this to anyone... If for some reason something is wrong with the product MTB will gladly make it right."

- Bobby N.


"I just wanted to say how impressed I am with mystery tackle box. I was rather skeptical to join at first, thinking it'd  be another company sending me pathetic cranks and poorly made senkos, but thank goodness I was wrong. Everything is quality and the price is certainly right, it's a perfect way to get new tackle that I probably would not have purchased or bought. I have already gotten other people as hooked on mystery tackle box as I am and can't wait for next months box! Tight lines."

- Chris M.


"Great subscription for the price, useful gear that arrived as expected and packaged well. Variety was nice and product cards were included. Information on the site with video’s on using the products were well thought out. Very happy to have become a member!"

- Don W.


"What a Awesome way to get new Baits and Lures. I just hate to wait another 29 days for the next box! Box was packed nice n neat and the first box for $4.99 with free shipping, I felt like I stole it ! but for $4.99 you pretty much are stealing it you cant even get 1 lure for that price and i got 5!!! With this coming in the mail every month it will save me a trip or two to the stores for baits and lures. Amazing service Mystery Tackle Box ! Keep up the Great work!

- Emily S.


"I just joined mysterytackle box.... I could not wait to get my first box!!! When it came man I could not wait to open it, I was like a kid in a candy store.. I have to say thank you.. The box was great."

- Eric T.


"Great presentation in the box – very useful angling gear – reasonable price."

- Jamal


"Awesome! I received my Mystery Tackle Box this past week and it was like opening the best birthday present and I’m so excited I get this gift every month! Everything from the packaging to the fishing tackle exceeded my expectations and a true bonus was the product information cards explaining each piece of fishing tackle with links to online product videos so you know how to use the bait. I am very impressed with my Mystery Tackle box and have already purchased a subscription for my dad too…I can’t wait to see what’s in the box next month!"

- Jason


"What a great way to get new Baits and Lures. Its like Christmas every month. The guys that thought this up are brilliant ! Box was packed nice n neat and the first box for $4.99 with free shipping, I felt like I stole it ! With this coming in the mail every month it will save me a trip or two to the stores for baits and lures. Grat job Mystery Tackle Box ! Keep up the good work !"

- Jeff B.


"I love the idea and I love how they’re doing it!!! Great price and absolutely amazing customer service! Loved the first box, hope they keep it up! The lip broke on my crank bait. I let them know and within a few days I had a new one in my hands. I couldn’t recommend this service/subscription any more to anyone." 

- Jimmy L.


"I got this months Box today, and am super happy with what is inside.  I have been here since the first box and each month it gets better. You guys have an awesome service and I like all the products. The best money I have ever spent on fishing supplies, takes out the hassle and keeps my collection fresh with good ideas.  Keep up the awesome job you are all doing!” 

- Joe M.


"You guys have a awesome program and i tell all my fishing buddies about it. Keep up the great work! Thanks again and Fish On!"

- Jon P.


"I bought mystery tackle box for my husband and he loves it!"

- Katie


"Good Box with Good Lures. It was like Christmas in summer."

- Kevin


"Thank you so much. Also u guys are doing a fantastic job couldn't be more happier with the products. Much respect from Canada!"

-Matt D.


"I was very excited to receive my first box!. After opening it I already knew it was worth my investment. There were several great baits inside. It was nice to see a variety of baits from the top of the water column to the bottom. I look forward to exploring these baits and ordering more boxes in the future!"

-Tim S.


"I like the new product that I have never seen or used, that's what I like about Mystery Tackle Box, they introduce new products to fishermen and therefore new baits and new presentations equals more fish in your boat! Keep up the good work Mystery Tackle Box!!"

- Vincent M.


"Great to see a company that puts enough forethought into their product to match components (colors, provie bait to go with intended hooks, etc)."

- Zac


"Thank you for the convenience. I love what you guys are doing for the fishing industry and hope that you can continue helping fishermen and the brands that you advertise."

- Dale B.


"I just wanted to say that I think this is an awesome idea. Great looking website also. I just recently got my first mystery tackle box delivery. I am an avid freshwater fisherman and I am extremely impressed."

- Ryan E.


"By the way, this gift went over very, very big with my grandson, my daughter and the whole family......great product and idea. My grandson is 7 years old and he looked through his first mystery tackle box a dozen times.....very excited."

 - Veronica B.


"The experience has been GREAT, every month was surely a surprise and I can honestly say I was never disappointed. The wide arrange of bass baits that were offered on a monthly basis were incredible. I will say at first I was skeptical, but you guys proved me wrong from the time I opened the first ever Mystery tackle Box. Also, the customer service is on par, they are out-right awesome and willing to help. When an issue or question arises, Mystery Tackle Box is there in no time taking care of it, regardless who is at fault."

- Andrew K.


"You guys have the right idea. Now that's how you run a great business. Thank you very much and I look forward to completing an entire year with you, and many more. I am proud to know and support you all. Keep up all the hard work."

- Brian P.


"Thank you. Your attention to detail and fantastic customer support are what makes me recommend you to all my fishing friends.  Cheers and tight lines."

- Michael D.


"I love your guys product , customer severs rocks!!!!Thanks again!!!"

- Jeremy C.


"By the way I think the Mystery Tackle Box is the most Kick A$$ thing since the pencil thin mustache and the mullet."

- Antonio V.


"Awesome!  Thank you very much!  My wife bought this subscription for me and it truly is one of the most awesome gifts I’ve ever heard of!  Keep up the great work!"

- Kenny P.


"Thank You very much, I love getting the MTB each month, it gives me new baits to try and when my fishing budies are not catching anything these new and high quality baits seem to produce on good and bad days, my friends are jellous."

- Kurt N.


"I sent a 3 month subscription to a new potential client I'm trying to impress and here is what he said: 

Hey there Ariana,  Hope you are well this week! First THANK YOU so much for the tackle box gift. It came late last week and was VERY cool! It had some interesting lures and tackle included, as well as some discount items, etc. It was pretty awesome, and I sincerely appreciate it! 


The 3-month mystery tackle box membership helped me make a very strong first introduction to a potential client. This client is incredibly busy, and had it not been for the unique nature of this gift I'm not sure I would have gotten his attention to secure a meeting. He told me he might use it on some of the clients he sells to because he thought it was such a great conversation piece. 

Just wanted to send this feedback along, as you may find a market in promoting this among those people who are looking for corporate gifts. 

Hope you're well, and feel free to use the quote if you'd like to on your testimonials page."

- Ariana


"I tried Mystery Tackle Box on the promotional deal my first month and since then I can’t imagine leaving the subscription.  Every box I have received is full of baits that I not only use...but that catch fish.  This is the best deal running in fishing gear."

Tony C.


"I love the program. I get tons of baits i cant buy a local tackle shops and nearest big box store tac shops are over hour away. All ready discovered tons of plastics i would have never found any other way."

- Charles M.


"Ya'll have someof the best customer service ive ever had... and my box this month... absolutely amazing!"

- Sam K.


"I'm loving the service.  I have historically had trouble finding confidence to try to methods of catching fish, and getting the box each month of confidence baits has really helped me expand my proficiencies and catch more fish.  Thanks for a wonderful service!

- Gerald N.


"I really appreciate all that you do. Like I tell others I love Mystery Tackle Box. It has helped me try techniques that I normally wouldn't have. Its help me look at tackle in an all new way.  Again thank you so much.. I took the card out of my MTB and showed it to a few of the guys at work. I have to take your alls business card to 3 of them they are wanting in on Christmas every month. Lol  Thank you so much."

- Angie M.


"Got my second box and really love it. MTB is so great that I like it better than [other similar services]. Most likely will be saving some money and cancelling those other two. I fish tournaments and will be going back at for my 4th year next season."

- Jim W.


"Just got my first box today! Fricken awesome!! My brother in law got it for me and now these will be all we use testing all this stuff we never thought to use! I hope you guys keep this going forever! 

We turn it into a game now. We only fish what you send us! Since every box is different it becomes challenging.  He's kicking my but with the bird right now! Good job guys  keep up the great work!"

- Bruce F.


"You really have a great thing going, I look forward to getting it each month! I'm going to be a lifelong customer! Thanks."

- David E.